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Hitesh, I am. Tech lover I be. Biker I be. Dogs & Photography I love. Yeesssssss.

Having attempted to quote Yoda, lemme get down to the actual shizzle. Welcome to my website hiteshsingh.in

Now that's that is done, lemme tell you a bit about myself. I love technology. Always have, always will. The little gizmos which make our life easier aren't really so much magic as they are love to me. I love to understand what it is that makes that thing tick. You name, I tinker with it. A new phone, the latest laptop or even something as inconsequential as a microprocessor.

Photography is another one of my passions and I love to head on out with my Nikon D5300 and the myriad of lenses. After all, if I don't move, I won't learn.

Speaking of moving, I love my bike. Come to think of it, I tend to love her unconditionally and she has never given me reason not to. Not that that means I don't steal a glance at one of the new bikes and cars that crops up in the market, but I've remained faithful to her. The path of the righteous and all.

Well, you've read a lot. Seems you really are interested to find out a bit more about me. Head on it, hit the sections and see what holds your fancy. Drop me a ping on any medium you want and lets catch up! Ciao!

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